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About the Show

30 day Detox, is a reality TV show that follow three couples struggling with their own variations of addiction. While one significant other struggles with addiction, the other tries to hold their family together. The range of addiction ranges however the impact on the different relationships are the same – detrimental. The couple will have 30 days to decide to get clean and stay together or relapse and call it quits. With the agreement that the partner struggling with addiction

will enter a 30 day rehab program, their partner will have 30 days to decide whether they will move on with or without them.

What We Are Looking For
Authentic couples ready to tell their story? Couples must have at least 1 year o
f history and verifiable proof.


How to Apply
Please e-mail with any questions, or for more information, @
Subject Line: “30 Day Detox”

30 Day Detox

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