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Type: Social Commentary Unscripted - Web/Podcast Genre: News
Length: 20 mins
Audience: Ages 19-50

Title: 4:20am Late Early Morning Show

4:20am , is a social and economic commentary show based in the living room of on-air personality Miss Toni . The host transforms her living room into an incubator for informal conversations marked by interviews, self-improvement dialogue, and philanthropic views into world events. While in an informal and relaxed environment. We witness as she engages in an energetic yet intensified dialogue over a joint with various special guests. 4:20am  will be broken down into three acts. "4:20 Thoughts”, will be the last act dealing with a 2-3 minute rant where the host interacts with her social media live stream. Banter and wit are a second languages in this elevated series.

If you are interested in becoming a special guest, contact the show at

Episode 1

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