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Tea Britt

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"Your thoughts write the script to your history." - Tanecia Britt
Screen gems begin to fill their treasure chests with tools to help them express the pictures that reel through their brain at various points in their life. It's the 'how' and 'why' that makes each visionary different. For director Tanecia Britt, pictures are a constant flow of concepts through her hands and eyes, depicted with more emotion than what can be seen in real life. Born in Washington, DC, Britt grew up in nearby Hyattsville, MD watching films and instilling imagined life into lifeless objects. Once it became obvious that producing images were innately within her design, pursuing film was the desired goal for college. After graduating from Johnson C. Smith University, reality became the foundation for her films. Britt's drive placed her in various locations post-undergrad.
Living strictly off of her determination to become a full-time director, the self-forming entrepreneur hit the country. Working as a marketing and campaign administrator for the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago then freelancing in Atlanta, Britt soon found herself networking among some of the sharpest eyes in the South. Celebrity photographer Donna Pernell shared insight about the inner workings of the industry which motivated Britt to declare herself as an assistant director and production assistant. Continuously networking and building her name, she found herself under the direction of Eyal Sivian and Haim Bresheeth, professors and mentors at the University of East London. Under them she learned to shoot with a purpose and to take her time with film-making. Her creativity and relentless drive to succeed opened a niche for Internet films in which she began to market herself on the web.
Though free-spirited, Britt's reality stood like walls around her in which she could only battle, and battle alone. Her loyalty to her family brought her back to the United States where she has emerged as one of the most rouge, yet promising film-makers in the area. To date, Tanecia Britt has been a never-ending machine, cranking out films including her feature "School Without Walls" along with a multitude of shorts and music videos. Currently, she is working hard to bring forth "Flowers Don't Grow in England," a ruthless caricature telling the lives of three East London women. Seeing the elements of life which could easily destroy a woman was only clay for Britt, permitting her to mold these experiences into cinema while influencing others to see life with more than just the natural eye. Lifestyle it has become, Tanecia Britt is a portal for all things film can reveal by way of life, cycling images through the lenses of her crafted mental.
"Life isn't about just seeing. It is directing what is unseen." - Tanecia Britt
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