I just want to presonally thank everyone who helped fund this campaign. We are so excited about getting back into production late August. With your help we will complete our Pilot season! This project spawned from a blog abot a single mother in the city ans spiralled into a coming of age story about a young man with metal disease. This project is a true testament that all things evolve. I hope you stick with us onthis journey and give us as much feedback a you can. Again thank you, thank you and oh .. THANK YOU! 



--Tea Britt


This campaign is for the completion of production for the 7 part mini-series Bye, Chance. The funding would go to the following:


 * Equipment Rental

 * Production Costs 


We have raised funds independently, but now we are asking for the help of the public for this project to come to full fruition.  Below you will read about the project and why we need your help. Even if you decide not donate, we can assure you by the time you're finished reading you will at least want to share this link with your friends. With that being said we appreciate you taking the time out of your day to check the following out. 


Untold Stories: 

Bye, Chance is just one of many stories about mental illness.  What makes this story different from many other is that it  looks at mental disease from the point of view of denial. Here we have a young man, newly married, on a serious mission to normality.


Impulsivity is his trait, so quitting taking his medication for Bipolar Disorder is not out of the ordinary for him. We follow Mental Illness from the perspective of the person driven by it and the people they effect and affect.


About The Project

This has been an on going project. We have managed to invest the time, money and effort, to getting this project to where it needs to be. The overall goal is to submit and win film festivals. Once that goal is reached we will work towards becoming a show on HBO's outstanding line-up. We are realists we understand that all great things take time and effort. This is why we pace ourselves and make sure we are putting out the best project as well as gaining a dedicated audience. After all, this is all about the relationship with you as a viewer. We need to engage you with this story not just for entertainment purposes but because Bipolar Disorder is still not spoken about enough mainstream. We do not claim to be scientists or doctors. We just want to tell a story that will hopefully help open up a dialogue about the word, "crazy". 


There are different stages to this process. Though we have filmed the majority of our script, we still have some more scenes to complete in order to make the project complete. 


We've raised enough for our crew payment, however we will need help with production costs, such as, Equipment Rental (Camera/Lighting/Sound), Craft Services, and Location Rental. 


The Impact

We want a Chance. We know it's short and it may sound simple but from  our perspective it  is just the beginning. We are willing to prove what we can do with $5,000 to gain your trust as a viewer and your loyalty as a supporter. 


All great things start with a whisper, so even mentioning this project in a conversation with your mates will make the time it took to write all of this worth it. 

Check out the website daily for updates, whether they are subtle or enormous we love it when folks take the time out to reach out to us. 

Don't hold back from your  feedback. We are huge with receiving feedback and critiquing our own work it only helps with the outcome of the project. 


The Outcome

There will be additional fundraising in the future. Right now we are focused on finishing the rest of our script and heading to post-production. 

We appreciate you taking the time out to read everything.

The Crowdfunding doesn't end here! We will be back, after we finish production of our Pilot Season.. After all, there is always post production :)