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Flower's Don't Grow In England

FLOWERS DON’T GROW IN ENGLAND is a collision of two worlds:  three cousins navigating through the rough hoods of East London and a mother doing her best to keep her only son on the proper path.

For Chloe, Vera and Autumn – life has not always dealt them a fair hand, but the one constant that has remained with them since childhood, is the impenetrable bond that they share with each other.  Abandoned by each of their parents, they’ve been raised by their elderly aunt. At a young age, when a late night visit by Autumn’s junkie father results in a tragic death, the girls must look to each other for strength and become, in many ways, a mother, a cousin, sister and father to each other.  A tragic night that leaves each of them with the only family that they have.

Parallel to the three women,  is retired school teacher, Rose. She has dedicated her life to her only child and son, Rich.  At 23 years old, he’s dipped in and out of trouble, but has always managed to stay on the better path of life.   A humble and simple woman, she has high tolerance for many but little when it comes to her half-brother, Gram. Though she loves Gram, she doesn't love his street influences on Rich.  However, as the only father-figure that a 23-year old Rich has had, she tolerates Gram and loves her brother for the void he has filled with her son.
A rave. A dirty bathroom stall.  An ominous man. Three cousins. And, a fight to the death.  
When one of the cousins is attacked, Chloe, Autumn and Vera, discover how viciously they fight when someone attempts to break their bond.  Killing a man with their bare hands becomes a new found...talent. A talent that does not go unnoticed by one of East London's most notorious gangsters.  Recruited to murder, they become a ruthless trio. They're good at what they do and actually enjoy it. But when a routine hit goes terribly wrong, one loss will intertwine the world of Chloe, Vera and Autumn with Rose.  The impermeable bond that holds Chloe, Vera and Autumn together will now be tested. Everything that Rose has stood for and once believed will now be questioned. Four women - challenging the depths of love, the loyalty of family and the boundaries of trust - but only one will survive while the others fall victim to the frightening truth.

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