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Bye, Chance

Written & Directed By Tanecia Britt (Tea Britt)

About the Series:

“Bye, Chance”, is an episodic series set in the climate of the failing marriage of 30 year old Dimitri Lattimore. In the wake of the disappearance of her estranged husband Chance, 35, who suffers from PTSD and a spiraling drug addiction, Dimitri must piece together what’s left of her existence by first filing for a divorce. Parallel to her failing marriage she has to figure out a way to save her suffering art gallery from the clutches of it’s biggest competitor-the internet. In order to get a divorce she first must locate Chance, which becomes an impossible task. With a strong desire for closure Dimitri is led into the double life of Chance in the ruthless underworld of Washington D.C.

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